Instructions and how to install and download pkv games application

Download PKV Games Android and Ios, is a special application for online gamblers bandarq who play on pkv servers. This PKV is also known as pokerv. Starting from 2014 the big name pokerv today I believe has been heard by anyone, even though you are not a regular gambler.

Before starting the discussion about downloading and installing the pkv games application on a smartphone for you PC users, laptops or other computers, you don’t need a special application to be able to play online gambling games for pkv games because specifically for pokerv computer users can be played directly without installing anything.

Download Android and iPhone APK Games

Download PKV Games for android
Download PKV Games for Ios

To start downloading the pkv games apk application for Android and iPhone, you can simply click on one of the images above, adjusted to the operating system / platform of your smartphone whether using an Android smartphone or iPhone.

The latest version of pvk games for iPhone gadgets now can directly play pkv without having to download the pkvgames.apk application again. IPhone users can directly play Pokemon from the browser / browser on the phone.

How to play the latest iPhone PKK games 2019:

  • Open the site or pokerv agent where you play for example dominoqq dot com from your iphone / ipad.
  • Login account as usual. Displayed home press the PKV Games iPhone / iPad button.
  • When pressed a new menu will appear containing the pkv game. Next select the game you want to play.
  • In the next screen, please select LINE 1/2/3 of the game and at the very bottom let HTML5 be checked to be more compatible with all iPhone devices. For more clarity you can see the picture below.

Step by step guide download and install PKV games on smartphone

Click on one of the images above, your phone will automatically download the download file to your smartphone (make sure you have enough memory storage)

Finished downloading open the download file earlier via your smartphone notification bar and install / install as usual.

Successfully installing the pkv games application on your smartphone, the shortcut icon for the pkv games application will automatically appear on the ‘HOME‘ screen of your smartphone. As shown in the picture below.

If all goes well, installing this application is very simple, right? just like when you download and install an application from the play store or app store. But many cases where this application fails to be installed. This is not because this application is flawed, because the settings for each cell phone must be different.

Now coincidence admin has collected and summarizes the problems / errors that often arise when we want to install this application on our smartphone. Here are some problems with installing PKV games and their solutions.
Solution to constraints pkv games cannot be installed / installed for Android-based smartphones
In some Android phones special permission is needed so that mobile phones can install applications outside of the Play Store. This is often a major problem in installing Android smartphone smartphone pokerv applications.

how to resolve application errors

Settings> Security> Unknown sources

Check the Unknown sources option to make the phone want to install applications outside of Playstore. Here’s how to install the application pkv games on smartphone manufacturer apple, iphone.

Solution to constraints PKV games cannot be installed / installed for iPhone-based smartphones
Downloading PKV games on the iPhone can be quite challenging for the layman. The iPhone is known as a complicated and very exclusive cellphone so it can’t be carelessly installed applications. If the pkv games application cannot be installed in the normal way, then you need to activate the following settings.

Settings> Profile and device management> Select pkvgames.apk> Trust
Settings> Device management> Choose pkvgames.apk> Trust
Finished setting that part on your iPhone smartphone you can continue to install pkv games as usual.

Download the pkv games application from the official pkv games agent website

An alternative way to this one you can do if you are afraid of the PKV Games application offered outside of the official Pokemon agent website. The trick is quite easy, at a minimum, you must have an account at one of the official pkv games agent sites and then log in to your account dashboard.

  • Login your account via the website where you registered earlier
  • After logging in, you will immediately get the PKV Games application download page
  • Select and download the pkv games application according to your smartphone platform, Android / iPhone
  • Finished downloading you can immediately install / install pkv games as usual
  • Display downloads of pkv games on the official Pokerv link

Downloading this pokerv application is indeed very risky for when it is downloaded outside of their official agent’s site.Some changes to the installation application can be done by a hacker who then easily steals your account. Download pkv games android apk.

we recommends that you download and register pkv games only from their official agent link.

For that, make sure you have registered with one of the online betting agent reference from us and prove the results yourself.

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